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Welcome to metaFAB


 metaFAB Innovations
… employs engineering tools at the molecular, nano- & micro-scale to differentiate clients products through a major shift in performance against that of their rivals. Our multidisciplinary brainstorming team achieves this through technology convergence and provides rare access for both multinationals and SMEs to unrivalled collective imagination. Call David Barrow on +44(0) 78 0983 9979, or


 metaFAB Xtreme Laser Facility
... accommodates the unique, dual-beam, 157nm, 193nm excimer and 795nm femtosecond laser, particularly suited to industrial microfluidic and photonic applications. We particularly specialise in microstructuring PEEK, Teflon PTFE, Teflon AF, COC, fused silica and stainless steel. 
Please call David Barrow on +44(0) 78 0983 9979, or


 metaFAB Analytics
… accommodates the ThermoFisher High-Performance Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry Facility providing companies open access to chemical microseparations. This is available as a pay-as-you-go service, both with hands-on access or with an operator running your samples. 
Discuss with David Barrow on +44(0) 78 0983 9979, or


 metaFAB Metrology
… metaFAB houses the NIKON Microscopy Laboratory which provides a wide range of microscopes for non-contact video measurement, DIC, epiflourescence, confocal, high and low power, image capture and software manipulation. Additionally, we provide an hourly paid service using our VEECO NT3300 optical interferometer. 
Call David Barrow on +44(0) 78 0983 9979, or


 metaFAB Simulation
… we run Coventorware which is a comprehensive, integrated toolset for designing MEMS and micro-fluidic systems, evaluating their performance and optimizing them for manufacturability. Save time and money on fabrication and accelerate your product development. 
Discuss with David Barrow on +44(0) 78 0983 9979, or

metaFAB was established at Cardiff Univrsity as a component node of the UK NanoCentres Network through the support of the Technology Strategy Board, Welsh Assembly Government, NIKON, ThermoFisher and VEECO.  

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